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district investigates her. the decision is to protect student safety. >> it cram to light early this week. we took swift action to protect our students and employees. >> reporter: thorn is also the girl's basketball coach. she's taught at broad neck sense 2009. >> we have a committee which takes up the issue. >> reporter: she has a son who just graduated from broad neck and has another son about to owner. this does not change her opinion about the school. >> we picked this hear because of the school. broad neck has a great reputation. when my son was looking for colleges, i was very surprised that most of the colleges knew broad neck. it has a great reputation. >> reporter: administrators would not say where they
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reassigned miss thorn stating this was a personnel issue. at broad neck high school, don harrison. >> this is only a school situation. another coach will take over during the investigation. palm scanning technology in the cafeteria causing worries for a few parents in carroll county. each student's palm is connected to an account. calf tear dwra staff say it's easier than using debit cards or cash. the district said the program is optional. >> we're tracking that data school by school. it has the -- the data we have runs between 5% and 15% of households. >> ten schools are using the technology right now. the district wants it at all 43
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schools in the next 18 months. it's the final weekend before thanksgiving. everybody's getting ready. lots to do. >> shopping, turkeys and worrying about the weather. what's it going to be like -- crazy, trying to get that turkey. let's check in with meteorologist wyatt everhart. did you buy that bird yet? >> i get to go to mom's house. i'll help out of course. when this comes to the bird, they're masters of this. clear skies, a few clouds blowing out to the east. so we're set for a clear cold night. look at the current temperatures across central maryland. 44 in baltimore. 44 in laurel. rock all 39. easton 39. chillier on the eastern shore. temperatures topping out just above 50 degrees in most spots so slight improvement.
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temperatures dropping to 3 or so by midnight as we push toward 7:00. brisk, 40 as the sun comes up. we'll talk about difference in the weather that we sco see by tuesday of next week. we got it for you coming up. >> abc2 investigators broke this story. atf and city police conducting a series of raids in north ball. authorities explaind what they were looking for and announced they were looking -- the raids were targeting known drug dealers in the penn rose and franklin square neighborhoods. the group of 24 were all connected and helped fuel the violent crime spike that included 10 shootings and one murder. >> their records reflect a long history of violence and drug work within those neighborhoods, so extracting them will bring
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immediate stabilization. >> police believe more criminal cases could come out. agents conducted drug buys for heroin, crack and cocaine. >> a rosedale man is dead and two others are in shock trauma. a westbound truck crossed the center line hitting a mazda. the impact sounded like an explosion. they took these pictures with a cep company that showed the damage. >> i tried to see what was going on with the vehicles. i could see that one man was badly injured. the driver of the vehicle was -- they were both trapped in the car. they had to cut them out. >> 26-year-old william strayer, jr. was taken to franklin hospital but did not survive. >> an update on the accident we first told you about as breaking news last night on abc2 news at
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11. a woman hit while walking on ritchie highway has died. she was hit by a pickup truck. police say the pedestrian error is the cause. it was dark at the time and nick was not using a crosswalk. police are exploring the possibility as to whether tinted windows affected the driver. city fire officials said a fire broke out at a house in east baltimore in the 400 block of montford avenue. they found a baby suffering from smoke inhalation and burns. all three people were take on it area hospitals. >> firefighters struggle to contain a fire in glen burnie. this went to two alarm. the building a commercial structure, vacant at the time. they believe this was an auto
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repair shop. crews had to stay out and bat tell from the exterior. >> the fire was through the roof. the roof caved. the biggest danger is having a roof cave in while they're inside. we put water in from the exterior. >> the building was heavily damaged but no one was injured. >> president obama had the first face-to-face meeting with congressional leaders about that looming fiscal cliff. >> the president wants to continue the bush-era tax cut for most people but expire for the top 2% of earners. republicans were seeking extensions for everyone but boehner said tax hikes are on the table as long as three come with spending cuts.
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diane sawyer will have more after abc2 news at 6:00. the fight against domestic violence continues. the state unveiled a program that will be hospital-based and gbmc is receiving $27,000 in state funds. it will expand services. the program aims to find victims in an early stage of the cycle and give them the support to prevent physical or emotional harm. similar programs are in place at mercy and sinai hospital. winter may not officially begin for another month. the looming threat of snow has the city gearing up for a possible winter storm. the equipment has been checked out and it's already to go. people should have an emergency kit for a possible storm. you might have used up some of
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your supplies during sandy. so this is your time before the snow hits or hopefully won't hit to get prepared again. >> that's good advice. the basics are at least 72 hours worth of water, a battery operated radio and a flashlight. >> if you want to know what kind of weather to expect this winter, head to click on the top of the page. you can find mike masco's winter outlook. >> we are getting into the holiday spirit here at abc2. >> we'll head over to whitemarsh where they're getting ready to flip the switch to turn on the lights to the christmas trees. >> all right. merry merry conditions out there. 51. five degrees below average. we guaranteed you 50 degrees. our weather winner goas klein.
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congrats. we'll talk about will you need the umbrella at all. that's coming up.
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breaking news, all north lanes of 94 are shut down past 85 near havre de grace. there's a two-car crash and emergency workers are on the scene. we're told there are no injuries but state police said one of the vehicles is a penske truck whose tank has ruptured. well, hostess brands is shutting down for good.
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striking bakers refuse to return to work. >> we have ding dongs, ho ho, snowballs and twinkies. tonight we have a look back at this iconic brand. >> reporter: following a nasty labor dispute and almost a year in bankruptcy, hostess brand is closing it's bakeries, distribution centers and selling off the assets. >> it's twinkie the kid -- wow! >> reporter: the twinkie was born in 1933 in illinois. he came up with a yellow sponge cake filled with banana cream. during world war ii ban nanna rationing forced them to change to va nil l.a. it was so popular, it never came
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back. over the years the twinkie became part of the culture. the how di doody. in the 19 80's, the ghost busters used it. in the 1990s there was a presidential endorsement as president clinton put one in a team capsule. then we see it put to the test. but now the twinkie needs someone to come to its rescue or we'll have to say gb to -- good-byes to the twimpg ky -- twinkie for good. >> it could mean new life for
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other products. that could be scooped up at auction. it doesn't feel like the christmas season until the tree is up and the lights are up. >> the avenue in whitemarsh, they're kicking off the holiday season. mike masco is live. how is it looking, mike? >> it looks great. we've got so many people. they're pushing us back to the stage area. actually, we've had a couple performers on so far. entertainment will be here all night. look at how many kids are here. it's a cool sight. chilly. you guys ready for christmas? >> ready. >> reporter: ready for christmas? what do you want for christmas? there we go. we're going to be lighting the
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tree. jamie costello, 15 years this has been going on. jamie was the first to light the christmas tree in whitemarsh and he has been inge vieted to do -- invited to do it again. the line for santa is around the block. it's thanksgiving. we haven't hit that yet. i tell you, we're getting ready for the christmas spirit and it's a really, really nice time. 15 years they've been doing this, so it should be a fun event. live entertainment behind us. so, again, if you don't know, come down here. spend a little money and have hot cocoa. they're waiting for you. it's really, really beautiful. >> all right.
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thanks a lot, mike. >> we were so overcome by the music. good stuff. it's going to be a chilly one, flooding concern, one to two foot high tide anomaly. what will the weather be like in pittsburgh on the gridiron in hens field. ravens going in to battle. first time, that will be two teams. weather looks to be a nonevent for the big game up there in pittsburgh. ravens taking care of business. baltimore today it was clear by the end of the day, cloudy early on. 47 degrees with a calm wind. sunset and 4:51. bright sunny skies. our view from the tide water marina. weather noise and clear -- nice
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and clear. manchester valley high. laurel, st. vincent where we have a sapphire sky. the shot from dan rosen in towson. temperature wise, 40s and 30s, a few 30s in western maryland. we'll be cooling off a little more rapidly. last night we had the clouds around. it works to insulate us a little bit so we don't drop off as sharply. tonight will be crystal clear. we'll cool off rapidly. any weather maker at all. i don't see too much. we have the coastal system that will sit off of the carolinas. it will sit here and spin. the possibility of a stray shower maybe southeastern maryland down into virginia perhaps by monday into tuesday but this doesn't look like much.
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the bulk will stay offshore. has we look to the west, there's nothing. there's a big huge dome of high pressure. this will keep us high and dry through the weekend, hoping to keep that coastal system offshore, big bubble. this cold air mass will moderate. back in the 50s. you see the coastal low. >> the leonid shower. 53, mostly sunny, mid-50s, some sunshine. it's gorgeous, just a bit on the cool side. as we take a look beyond that some slight changes by tuesday
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night. i think we could see a round of showers. should clear out by early wednesday. so flyers, trains or bus travelers. right now thanksgiving just breezy, upper 50s. >> is that turkey discope dancing. >> he's breaking it down. what's the new energy shot we've been talking about? >> cracker jack. maybe he had both and that would explain it. >> all right. earlier in the week we saw wyatt and lynette. team member sherry johnson headed back for the think big series. sherrie talked to the students about life after high school. >> there is life after high school. >> you bet are watch out. you better not cry. even though it's not thanksgiving yet, santa claus is
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in town. he arrived at towson town center today. kids began putting in their order for presents. even if you're too big to sit on santa's lap, there's reason to head there. >> some are starting black friday this weekend. >> they clan visit between 10 a.m. and p.m. monday through saturday and noon to 6 on sunday. santa needs a little time off. >> you don't want to miss the holiday light show at the power plant live. >> our cameras were there to get a sneak speak. you've got to see the real deal. there's music, fireworks and snow. there are three shows tomorrow and more run through new year's eve. you can find more on our
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website, stay with abc2 for an all new episode of the list. they'll be talking about a particular type of facial hair. >> they're shaving it all off for a good cause. we'll let you know how to unfriend your stash. that's coming up tonight on the list at 7:00. >> here's what's coming up tonight on abc2. i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
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here's a look at what we're working on at 11. >> a lot of us have reusable grocery bags. think about the gross stuff you carry. we tested three shoppers bags. >> as your parents age, they may talk about downsizing their home. how to ease them through what may be a difficult time. those stories and a lot more when you join us on abc2 news at 11. >> if you're prepping for thanksgiving, the weather will be good. >> first the weekend before thanksgiving weekend, in the bad in the 40s and eventually in the 50s. here's the outlook. as we move toward that thanksgiving time frame warming up more into the upper 50s wednesday and thursday. so there you go. >> beautiful.
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shocking. >> we'll see you back here at 11. have a good night. oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite.
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and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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